zondag, september 24, 2006

Donna per Donna

Donne per donne (Women for women)

Fiber Art Cards for Women after Breast Cancer

Dear Quilters
Dear Textile Artists

In 2007, the General Assembly of patCHquilt (Swiss Quilters Guild) takes place here in Lugano. On this occasion, we organize from 1-3 June Switzerland's first Quilt Festival: QuiltArtLugano 2007.

In addition to the various exhibitions and workshops in program, we have planned an exhibition of Fiber Art Postcards. Those postcards will be exhibited in Lugano before and during the Festival and put up for auction during our Gala evening and on our website to raise funds for a society called "Vivere come prima" ("Living as Before", a Swiss society for women after breast cancer). We have chosen this society on advise of Doctor Thomas Gyr, principal of our local Breast-Center.

We would like to invite Quilters and Textile Artists around the world to donate Fiber Art Postcards for this project. Therefore we invite you to forward this message to your friends and groups (attached files: invitations in four languages).

There are no restrictions on style of the Fiber Art Postcards, every material and every technique is allowed (traditional piecework as well as surface design techniques, mixed media, stitching/quilting by hand or machine), but please follow these guidelines to assure that we will have Fiber Art Postcards of high quality to offer:

Fiber Art Postcards are small works of ART of fine craftsmanship, created the same way as small (art-)quilts. Build your front as you would a small (art-)quilt.
Make each postcard unique, although it is possible working in a series (please number each piece).
Finished size: 4" x 6" (10cm x 15cm)
All edges should be finished in a clean manner (using a zigzag stitch around the edges).
The postcards must be sturdy and stable (use solid batting or interfacing such as Timtex or Vilene to provide a solid base for a collage.)
Sign your card on the (fabric) back with a Pigma pen. Write your name, city and country, the date and title of your postcard.
Put your card(s) in an envelope and send it to:

Bea Bernasconi, Via Navree 5, CH-6964 Davesco-Soragno (name from A-L), for informations:
Marlis Egger, Via Nava 16 C, CH-6963 Pregassona (name from M-Z, for informations:

Deadline: 31 January, 2007

For inspiration, view the Fiber Art Postcards at
More on QuiltArtLugano 2007: (official Festival website).

On behalf of the organizing committee we would like to thank you for your support of this project, fundraising for this society and helping women through breast cancer recovery.

Kind regards.

Bea Bernasconi
Marlis Egger



A serie ATC,s autum needle felted and fme it was not nuch work but I love the colors of autum .

Just an other serie I want to take to France for some trading ,

We go to France on Thursday and so there is not much work I can do When we come back I wil let you see some photos of the festival


donderdag, september 21, 2006

Friesland in progres

I think it was to abstract for me so now I added some mull I dyed yesterday There wil be more beading and embriodery .
I have a better feeling of the page ,it is still not what i want but I think it will be oke .

maandag, september 18, 2006


water forest and a wonderful nature That is where I come from , In the North of the Netherlands ,Friesland ,
But howe to make a fabric page of it and let you see what I mean that is very divicult .
this is the start of the page I make it for Ruth Ellen ,
In the left corner you can see FME and hand embriodery there wil be lots more of that .

vrijdag, september 15, 2006

book covers

the backsite and front is finished now for the bookcovers I wil send them to Marloes and see wil make a book whit a baeutiful binding

You can see the beautiful books she hase made on

dinsdag, september 12, 2006

paece prayer

I am working on a page for a swap This one is for Acey It is a paece prayer .The circkle in the middle is the world the blue pieces are people and the green leaves are the peace spirits it needs more beading and embriodery , for the back site ? i am stil thinking about that I have a idea but need to work on it .
It is not a good picture the colors are very dark on the picture and not in real but more pic. wil come

zondag, september 10, 2006


A better picture so you can see the tag is smaller


This Fabric journal page is done for a swap we make a journal page for a person and get one in return ,Dianne wanted Passion The little book is a tag it look big but it is much smaller than the page .

home work 2

I added some other color and some more FME

I think this looks better dont you think

zaterdag, september 09, 2006

home work

for a course I made some homework it is not my style i am not into the abstract things I wonder what you think of it please give me some good advice I think I need a bit of it

woensdag, september 06, 2006

an other book cover

this is the front of another book cover
needle felted wol and some silk , machine and hand embrioderd
the back side of the cover is in progres

dinsdag, september 05, 2006

Ideas for covers

Some needle felting and wet felting for more book covers just working out ideas, some are so surprising . I wil try some more colors , and then some FME and beading maybe some hand embriodery

zaterdag, september 02, 2006

Book Covers

I made some bookcovers for a sort of swap .

on the website of Marloes you can see wonderful hand made books .

I have made some covers and Marloes wil make a book of it
This is just a try out I dont now if the cover are oke but I like them