zondag, mei 22, 2016


 "'Tis like the birthday of the world,
When earth was born in bloom;

 The light is made of many dyes,
The air is all perfume:

 There's crimson buds, and white and blue,
The very rainbow showers

 Have turned to blossoms where they fell,
And sown the earth with flowers."

woensdag, mei 18, 2016

Needle work

The only place where housework comes before needlework 
is in the dictionary. 

 ~Mary Kurtz

maandag, mei 16, 2016


The Needle and Thread one day were wed,
    The Thimble acted as priest,
A paper of Pins, and the Scissors twins
   Were among the guests at the feast.

That dandy trim the Bodkin slim
    Danced with Miss Tape-measure,
But he stepped on her trail, and she called him "a whale,"
    And that put an end to their pleasure

Wrinkled and fat the Beeswax sat 
    And talked with the Needle-case.
"I am glad," she said, "that my niece, the Thread,
    Has married into this race.

"Her mother, the Spool, was a dull old fool,
    And the Needle and Thread were shy;
The result you see came all through me,
    I taught her to catch his eye."

    The Emery-ball just there had a fall--
       She had danced too long at one time,
    And that put a stop to the merry hop,
       And that brings an end to my rhyme.

The groom and the bride took their wedding ride
       Down a long white-seam to the shore,
    And the guests all said there never was wed
       So fair a couple before.
The Beautiful Land of Nod by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago: Morrill, Higgins & Co. [1892]