zondag, maart 30, 2008


I am of for a little holliday
I wil be back next sunday
we are going to Barcelona
see you all soon
warm regards Emmy

dinsdag, maart 25, 2008

more from Mother

The last challenge we are working one is , Mother, it is the theme Sandra gave us ,
we are as you know by now , Sandra, Willy, And my little persone .
We wanted it to be a secret but we are not so good in keeping secrets .

Mother, 3 cirkles for 3 children the connection to the Mother and the long and hard way a Mother hase to go sometimes to the growing up and to let go of her children .

I wonder if you can see the meaning in this quilt of the Mother
it is stil in progres and I dont know howe to finish it But there is first much more embroidery to do

Ther last picture is a close up of the embroidery

maandag, maart 24, 2008

sneak peak

Working on a quilt here is a little glims of the quilt it is still in progres and at the moment work is very slow .
I still have a lot of embroidery to do and there are so many things waiting to be finished ,
and next week we are going on a little trip to Barcelona .
Margaret has nominated me for an award as a blog that brought her inspiration and made her appreciate the blogosphere! Thanks Margaret.
I have to do the same so I am carefuly looking at all the blogs I read .
here are 10 blog I wil nominate


Little book cover for the TIF challenge
and a ATC made on the embellisher with fantasie yarn I got from Sandra .Willy and I were visiting here saterday it is always so very nice to see the girls

zondag, maart 23, 2008

Bag,, for Dutch bag ladies,,

We are a group of 8 ladies
and this challenge was to make something from these fabricks

I made this bag from the pieces of fabrick I used al the pieces
Yesterday we hade a meeting in Tiel we were showing the work we made
al different and very lovely .
Next meeting wil be in Amsterdam .

woensdag, maart 19, 2008

after long and hard thinking

2 maybe 3 years ago I found on the net the City and Guild course and I was thinking on doing this course but something was holding me back .
And now I did it ,,,,,, yes I did it
Laura and Linda Kemshall are given this course my Tutor is Marie Roper and I started last week ..
wil keep you informed about this adventure .

I dont have any pictures at this moment I wil be back soon with more news and pictures

woensdag, maart 05, 2008


some days i sit in my little room and notting come,s out of my hands and some days it goes like crazy this is one of those days

dyeing and making book covers preparing for tommorow, I wil give an other workshop ,

All little bits and pieces turned out to be a book cover

I hope there is more inspiration see you later

maandag, maart 03, 2008

dye day

fabric and embroidery yarn dyeing some in a plastic bag and in a vase the results from the vase are so lovely the first photo,s are from the vase the last photo is yarn out of the plastic bags the fabric is hanging to dry I show you the results later

the colors are so beautiful

yarn from the vase

yarn from the plastic bags

zondag, maart 02, 2008

a busy week

It hase been a very busy week taht is way it took so long for a new item on my blog

the little bag I made today it is from a UFO ,wendsday I went to Heerde to meet my lovely friends Willy Sandra and Beb these days are so very wonderful lots of ideas and we talk al day long .Willy gave me the idea for the little bag thank you Willy .

there is an other thing a finished I can,t show you it is for the Dutch Bag Ladies a group of ladies we get a challanga every 3 months .

Issue 3 from Fiber and Stitch is out and workshop on the web hase new lessons , you see there are many new things to attend to . and it is March already a new challenge from Sharon b

Do you ever notice the little things, the small moments, the details in life? This months challenge is to do just that, pay attention to the tiny details. Sometimes the small things become emblematic for something larger.

I found this qoute and I think is very great for this challenge ,I also love the colors this month

Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it ...........