vrijdag, mei 23, 2008

work for C&G

hawaiian applique reverse applique and broderie perse are some of the activities for module 3
it is a lot of work but I like hand work so it is no problem for me
The wheater is so good and today is my day of so I can sit in the garden and do a lot of hand work

and next week we are going to to a day with the girls again
we Sandra and I go to Heerede to Willie to have a wonderful very busy day
these days are so great
we talk and do so many things ,,, so very lovely.

so for now this little post have a great day
to you all

dinsdag, mei 20, 2008

I am stil here working ,,,,,,

This lady is now 16 years and stil going strong
she came to us when she was 1 year and pregnant
she was so skinny and that is her name I hope we wil can keep her for a little while.

I am working for several things at the moment but there is not much to show

first the C&g course it is a lot of work and at the moment not a lot to show this wil come later
but it is very nice to do and I learn a lot
the exquisitecorps is coming to an end and than I can show you BUT you have to wait a little longer
Arlee set up a second round so if you like you can join in
reed al about it on the blog

vrijdag, mei 16, 2008

for you safety

Thought i'd post this to let everyone check things out--Gwen Magee compiled a wonderful link list about the use and safety precautions for tyveking.

I got this link from Arlee and I think it is important for every one, it is a great link with lots of interesting issues

woensdag, mei 07, 2008

Things are going so much better

This was a great day the weather is so wunderful so this day was just for me
The embellisher is outside and the sun is shining I feel oke and now I wil make things done
and it worked I did what I wanted to do some work for C&G I send the article for Fyber and Stitch I hoop it wil do ???????
I am not much of a writer so it was not easy and I asm not sure they like it keep my fingers crossed
and I started the new challenge Willy gave us the first to pictures are some ideas for this challenge it is about a precious toy ,,,,, the brain is working,,,,,,
the last picture is for the Fiber and Stitch article ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
tommorow I have to work again but I have done a lot and it feels very good

dinsdag, mei 06, 2008

So much to do and so little time

There is so much I must do and yes I hade 6 days yes 6 days FREE .
I was so happy so many days free I could do al the things I hade to do ,,,,,,,,,,,,, BUT NO
I got this fever and I hade to go to bed I was ill
noting hase been done and now I have to work again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,and there is stil so much to do ,
The article for Fyber and Stitch ,,,, working on that
C&G ,,,,, working on that to
Dutchbag ladies ,,,,,,,working on that
New challenge Willy gave us ,,,,,,,,,Working on that
Tast book for Cyber Fyber ,,,, working on that
The garden needs my hands ,,,,,,, working on that
lets talk about the picture I got these wonderful goodies from Linda Monk
a beautiful birthday card and scrim and folie.
I am so happy with it thank you so much Linda .
Wel I have to do things as you all see
I like to thank you al for visiting my blog and for the comments
I wil go to bed now maybe things wil go much better in the morning
see you