maandag, mei 28, 2007


here are the inches i recieved from the swap
sara made this posseble
on a piece of felt and organza are the inches
at first i was thinking of a walhanging but now it wil be a book cover
so I have to work on it ,

Look at this blog
A lovely blog I want you to now about .

zondag, mei 27, 2007

they are pleased to announce the launch of Fibre&Stitch, an exciting new Mixed Media Arts online publication published by Sue Bleiweiss alongside a very talented team of artists.
Available quarterly beginning in September 2007!
Published 4 times a year, Fibre&Stitch is packed with a wide variety of articles and projects covering all types of mixed media techniques. Not just for the Fibre Artist, Fibre&Stitch explores Paper Arts, Collage, Machine and Hand Stitching, Art Journals, Wearable & Decorative Arts and much more.
Written to appeal to every level of artist and crafter, there is something for everybody in each issue of Fibre&Stitch, from in-depth full colour technique articles to quick and easy make it and go projects.
Each issue is guaranteed to inspire and stimulate your creative muse!
Visit to learn more about this publication and to subscribe.
I hope this wil turn out gtreat for these ladies
I wil go for it and I hope you wil join to

zaterdag, mei 26, 2007

for a friend

this one is also for a friend On a piece of cotton with the embellisher I punched organza then fme
I added strips of cotton and fantasie yarn and 2 leaves I made from organza the cord and the button is also made from organza on the embellisher

maandag, mei 21, 2007


here are some stitches I hade to do for TAST and there wil be more added
layers of fabric gold paint and the stiches
and some beads .

zondag, mei 20, 2007


This FAF page is for Kim here theme is symbols assoc. with celestial bodies and I was thinking
nebula ,,
on purple velvet with the embellisher wool and angelina fiber , then I added fantasie yarn and beads
I now I am to soon with this page but I have this week and it is a very busy week and then i go an a little holliday I go to Lugano there is a quilt show and we added a little vacation to this avent I hope to see many wonderful works and have a wonderful time .

zaterdag, mei 19, 2007


these are for friends little gifts so lovely to make and so lovely to give away .
the one on the left is made on the embellisher organza layerd on velvet the cord is also made from organza on the embellisher the other one I painted layers of threads FME on a background
and then i painted it .

lots of mail and a book box

these 3 cards are from a swap on Yahoo a needlefelt challenge run by nuvofelt
left top card is from Jean the other one on top from Janet and the last one from Patsy
al lovely cards Thanks Ladies

And some atc,s here I need some help the 2 on top are from ,left one Joelle and the other one from Claudine but the last one I got from Fiona and I dont now If I send here a card
so Fiona if you see this please let me now if I send you a card if not I send you one

and more the card is from Tonia and the atc is from Krystina ,
I have got a lot of cards and love to go and see al of them from time to time
Thank you for the lovely mail

here is the book box almost finished and ready to be send of it was very great to work on it and I am pleased with the result
wel on to the next project have a very nice weekend and I want to thank every one that mad e some lovely comments on my blog I always love to read the comment and I think it is so great that you comment and not only visite ,thank you all

vrijdag, mei 11, 2007

Fabric art journal

Anthology is the name of this book
It is a swap setup by Arlee you can see al of it on the fabric art journal blog

The book is comming together now I made the cover and now I am making it in to a real book

This is the backside of the book, the wonderful flowers you see are from the page arlee made

here you see the front of the page from Arlee it is so beautiful the other page is the backside of the page from Samantha

Here the page from Laura lee (left) and the page from Kim, The other pages are not in the book so I let you see them when i finished the book

maandag, mei 07, 2007

Page for Sarah

A womans work is never done there is always work to be done and you have to do it over and over again .
I tryed to get the feeling of this work in the page
the running around and making al the work done
It is a piece of needle felted wool and beading and lots of embriodery
I hope you Sara likes it

zondag, mei 06, 2007

TAST and quilt in progres

For TAST woven spiders wheel and the whipped spiders wheel

and i am stil working on the quilt I started on the workshop with Dijanne Cevaal
I am adding many hand stitches so it wil take a sometime before it is finished

Mail and more Mail

These lovely ATC,s are from France and one is from Doreen that is the one with the belt the next one is from Annieand from Anne Prunet.
the last row starting left the one with the lovely batic is from Chantal the middle one is from Claudyne and the last one from Denise thank you for the wonderful ATC,s

The brithday card is from Angela a lovely colorful card

And a lovely beaded broch i hade to wait for it but it got to me theis week its from Denise
thanks for the lovely mail ladies

donderdag, mei 03, 2007


I am playing I have little time but I want to make something
so I made a card
I got some lovely cord from doreen and a wonderful ATC I wil add the pictures later when i have more time I got more brithday cards and more ATC from france .