maandag, april 30, 2012

in time

did the on-line class with Arlee sometime ago
this is the first time I use some of the lovely stitching

there will be more
love the structure

zondag, april 29, 2012


Seat yourself under the oak trees,
Watch the leaf dust dance in the breeze,
Breathe in the flowers and catkins,
The slow buzzing motion of bees.

zaterdag, april 28, 2012

Reverse ,,,,,

The front and the backside of the quilt to be
thinking of making the quilt reversible
let the brain work ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

zondag, april 22, 2012


We are all puppets to cheer on this Earth,
While joy and sorrow always come since our birth !
Daylights follow dusk towards the gloomy nights,
And bring us such a joy to renew our sights !
Fresh air and clean water nourish our souls,
Without them, we suffer, and pay the heavy tolls !

zondag, april 15, 2012

vrijdag, april 13, 2012

April 13

The last day of the class extending embellishment by Karen 
I have to say it is and was    I did more classes with here
excellent I had so little time but learned so much  and one day I hope to
use all the techniques she is showing

 April is my birthday month and this year 60 roses from my love
A house full of people lots and lots of presents
and lots and lots of cooking
but it was so much fun
And if you read my blog you now my dear friend is gone
so you see there is so much going on here
It is so quiet now and I am able to sit and stitch
but often my hands are not doing anything
and my mind wanders  to times past

have a great weekend

woensdag, april 11, 2012

Skinny R.I.P

 To Skinny

 She arrived in spring
Like a fresh gentle breeze

She was injured and starving

Curious and hopeful

A loving, trusting feline...

She was strong and unflinching

Vivacious and lively

She was radiant...she was youthful

She was ours...

We shared her raptures and sorrows

Her ups and her downs

Her life...

Now it is spring again..
But this time she has to go

Her spirit and essence will always live through us

She will eternally remain within us...

She will forever feel our love....

zondag, april 01, 2012

April, Dear April

April, dear April, I beg you come soon –
And bring your sweet primroses too.
Let them join in with the daffodils’ play,
As skies offer sunshine anew.

April, dear April, my blessed spring child,
Ornate in your yellow and white,
Teasing the birds into trilling their songs
And dancing to music of flight.

April, dear April, come enter my dreams
And rid me from cold winter chills.
Banish the rain and those blustery winds
And warm up our countryside hills.

April, dear April, I know you can’t stay -
You have to move on ‘till next year.
And though I shall cherish the glory of summer,
You’ll always be my month most dear.