zondag, juli 29, 2007


It is finished and i think it is turned out very nice
I wil make a wallhanging of it .
I have many things in the drawers and never see it again and now i want to do something with this
but howe to make a wallhanging do I frame it ?
On Liz Plummer here blog there was a very nice way to make a wall hanging she put it on a piece of foam
it is a nice tutorial
so this wil help me on the way .
I want to thank you all for the very nice comment
I made this for the class that is on joggles given by Sharon b next week the lesson is going on then we have to make a new design for a piece with colors
so back to the drawing bord for a new design

donderdag, juli 26, 2007


I started to ad the stitches and I also added some sheep wool to create dept in the piece .

I added the wool with the embellisher it worked very good .

there is much more stitching to be done so back to the beads and yarn ...

zondag, juli 22, 2007

First Stitches

Today I did a lot of things al little works I hade to finish, it always clears my mind it makes me feel good and I can go on to create more .

My monotone piece is progresing I am sure now about the layout ,there is still a lot of work on this ,
I made it a bit bigger it is 13 /11 inch

Tomorow I have to work all day I wil not have much time to stitch so I wil do some stitching this evening

And I must visite some blogs I have been a little behinde Thank you all for the comments on my work I love it when you do so
I try to keep up whit you all but TIME ,,,,,
Thanks anyway all of you

zaterdag, juli 21, 2007

The Design

this desing it wil be doodles , I am thinking on the way i wil work this piece
Layers of fabricks i think .

Here is the first work out
The figure on 2 layers of fabrick

the next step is to think about the stitches I wil be using

this time I want to work the figure in stiches and not the serounding

there wil be some stiching done in the serounding but not much

maybe it turns out very diferent

we wil see ,,, I tel you more and show more pictures as i go allong

dinsdag, juli 17, 2007

Sumptuous Surface

I got more threards than I expected ,this is for a project that is monotone.
I am stil working on a consept ,I dont work like this so it is a bit strange for me but i wil get there in time .

zaterdag, juli 14, 2007

Embriodery Class

I signd in for the embriodey class on joggles this class is given by Sharon b I love her work and she is a great teatcher .this week was the stard and i got insperation and i made this postcard it is not finished yet . The stitches I used :herringbone stitch,detached chain stitch,chouching,satin stich,french knot,bullion knot and wooden beads and glass beads.

The eye sees a great many things ,but the average brain records very few of them.
-Thomas Alva Edison-

donderdag, juli 05, 2007

Felt Necklace

more playing with the embellisher I think this wil be a necklace , I make al these little things , it must be useful I cant put them all on the wall I better put them on my neck every day a different one


On a piece of black linnen wool organza and yarn also some beads
these are stil little pieces to get as many of tryouts as I can and new ideas

maandag, juli 02, 2007

Red piece full size

The red piece here in full size it is not a big piece 8-11 inchs .
This is also a tryout for the coat I am planning to embellish
I want to try different shapes and I think it came out very well
there wil be more tryouts before I stard whit the coat