vrijdag, mei 28, 2010


not a very good picture but here it is my  KISS  project . 
by Dijanne Cevaal
KISS ,,,,, Keep It Simple Stupid
I made it on white fabric with strait stitches   in many different colours

it is simple but many stitches so lots of work .

zaterdag, mei 22, 2010

Doll Face

My first doll face
wanted to make a doll for a long time
never came to it
but at last  my dear friend Willy was  a great help
my first doll face
she is waiting now
 for her dress,,,,,,,,,,,,

zondag, mei 09, 2010

Just my life

Ooh, sad but true
Sad but true and it's real
You must take the time to deal with it
Before you fall to deep in it
Can't find your way back home

donderdag, mei 06, 2010

Tast 2

For Tast 2 week 6 -7-8-9
the first picture is week 6-7 Buttonhole Eyelet Flower and the rope stitch
second picture is weel 8-9 Fancy hem stitch and the Raised Herringbone band
If you like to join ore see how the stitches are done go to