woensdag, augustus 30, 2006

the room is ready

I have a lot of space left over and I am very happy whit the result .The son of my friend made this he also made my other work room you can see it on my website

maandag, augustus 28, 2006

Make over 2

Work in progres

You must think I am crazy to paint the wall so green but it wil be so great when it is finished

zondag, augustus 27, 2006

make over

My little room is having a make over , I have a little room to work in and I have a LOT of things I get a new working table so I hope to get more working space ,To make it al look good I painted the wal Green, the first step to o great Studio ,,,,,, More photos to come .

vrijdag, augustus 25, 2006


One page, front and back for an fabric art journal swap ,al handdeyed the fabric the silk ,one the front page ,the back page is felted FME and hand embrioderd also handdyed fabtic and some angelina fiber,

woensdag, augustus 16, 2006

it is Finished

The Hot sommer is finished ,on to the next things .The first of september I am goning to start on a 6 days workshop at Dreamline this is about painting fabrics and creating quilts ,I hope to learn a lot and get lots of ideas to go on .I go every 3 weeks on a Fryday to the workshop so there wil be some homework to do .On the end of September I go to Bourboule there is an European Crazy Artquilt Festival ,I send 2 art quilts there so it is very exiting for me the website of the festival .It is organized by Sophie Gelfi here website is she makes wonderful quilts .And in April Dijanne Cevaal is coming to Nederland again and I intend to go to here workshop aswel. so much nice things to do .

zondag, augustus 13, 2006

vrijdag, augustus 11, 2006

fabric postcards

I made some new fabric postcards ,needle felting FME some tyvek and I found some new
batting it is wonderful for postcards and ATC but I think it wil be great fo Fabric joutnals aswel
It is ,fast 2 fuse , I love to work whit it ,two layers of fusible and stiff interfacing

donderdag, augustus 10, 2006

hot summer

It was ahot summer and now I have holidays It rains and it is cold ,
So to remember the hot summer I am making this little quilt ,
Handdeyd fabric I must do a lot of FME
The purple fabric is some fabric I bouth from Dijaan Cevaal,

lucky me

This is a beautiful piece from a trade I got from Arlee .
I am so lucky to get this wonderful piece
Thank you so much Arlee

vrijdag, augustus 04, 2006


some ATC's left overs little pieces of felt silk and cotton ,made some atc's
not bad at all
if you are interested in a swap mail me .

quilt in progres

A little quilt40-40 cm . the materials are cotton background, silk ,angelina fiber, organza ,felt ,beads ,
Lots of FME some hand embriodery and beading .