woensdag, januari 31, 2007


Cut the fabric in smal lines ase you like

Then weave the fabric
It is very nice if you use ,vliesofix ,
the paper whit glue

cut out some pieces you can play as you like
try some things

make a sandwich and the sew whit the slik stish

the lines also take a lovely yarn and play whit the lines
make it you owne quilt play and have fun
and let me see the thing you made

Look a little quilt

It is Raining and I need some materials ,I found a new store about 20 min from my house
so I went to buy the things I needed and some fabric .
And when I got home I made this quilt It is 60-60 cm .
I like it ,,
It was very easy to do
I say it is easy and it is
you pic 2 collors for the middle piece and a collor for the background
The middle piece is 45-45 cm iron the 2 pieces on (vliesofix) that is the paper whit the glue
Than whit the cuttry rottor cut it in lines out of hand no strait lines
and weave the two pieces of fabric so you get one piece .
cut out some pieces from the side and let them live a live out side the squer
Play whit it and look at it make it your quilt
put it on the background fabric and make a sandwich .
now you can sew the lines whit the silk stitsh maybe you find a new way .
Play have fun and plaese let me see your lovely work
If you have any question please aske
I hope this wil help you

maandag, januari 29, 2007


this is a new challenge for me I wanted to go for it for some time but now I did it
the theme this week is spice
it is very interesting to see what others made of it
I used organze wool and fantasie threads on black felt

zondag, januari 28, 2007

From Lynda

This page is made by Lynda
We are in a swap and my theme is blue and green

This is the first page and it is a beauty
10 layers of diverent fabric and paper

The blue pieces on top that is the paper

On Lynda,s blog you can see the proces of the
making of the page

This is the Tag It is hand made paper

al so wonderful

Here is a detail of the page

In real it is so baeutiful

It is a shame you can,t see it as it realy is

Thank you very much Lynda

This is a fabric post card I made today ,I am working on the page for Sue b I wil let you see the page in February ,

vrijdag, januari 26, 2007

Bente,s Page

Back side of Bente,s Page

This is the last page I am working on
The front page is not ready yet

The backside is done

donderdag, januari 25, 2007

Cretan Stitch

This is a piece a ma working on whit more stiches it is growing ,

This week I added the creatn stich .

This is the TAST for this week the background is black fabrick were I stempt on whit paint and handmade stemps.

woensdag, januari 24, 2007


This postcard is for Francoise we are in on a swap she send me some lovely things and I made a postcard of it .I fergot to take a picture of the material she send me ,

but this is the result ,hand made paper i made in little pieces angelwire I burtn a bit and organza was punched on the embelisher I aranged it on the handdeyd cotton some FME and I added some beads

I hope she wil like it I liked doing it .

maandag, januari 22, 2007

colors of spring

I made these cards yesterday on the embellisher

It is a very soft winter here and I long for spring

so here are more spring colors.

merino wool and handdyed silk punched whit the embellisher

FME on cotton .

vrijdag, januari 19, 2007


The detached chain stitch an very easy stitch
I like this stitch very much
here it is embrioderd whit DMC on a background of handdyed cotton
the paint I used on the cotton is from
I love that paint you can do so many lovey things whit it .go and see here lovely site

donderdag, januari 18, 2007

Grutte Pier Bente,s page

This is the start of Bente,s page ,the story
is on my blog it is about Grutte Pier
This is the front of the page
I dyed the fabrick and layerd it on silk that I dyed to ,the moon is angelina fiber ,
The univers is the background the moon the dark sky whit some lights of stars and the moon
and the sword of Grutte Pier this is stil in a museum here in Friesland
Grutte Pier is gone but his story and his sword are stil very alive .
The page is stil in progres but I like to let you see what it wil be .

maandag, januari 15, 2007

cling wrap

For a course I have to make a art quilt and it hase to be transparant ,
Well that is not easy , But help is on it way,
Dianne let you see how you make ,cling wrap ,

I tryed it and I did not use many fabrick only merino wool so it is stil transparant
I cut it and layerd it on organza and (second picture )
it is just a try out I am working on it .

zaterdag, januari 13, 2007


These ATC are made from material i got from Aecy

I never seen it before but it is handdeyd wool
on felt and some organza

Handembrioderd and FME

The wool is very sparkling it is very nice

Romanse Valentine these are for a Valentine swap on Flickr

Not the color I like but it is fun to do someting else

vrijdag, januari 12, 2007

Buttonhole stitch

I adde some more stitching on this piece
I have to wait until next week to add more

The buttonhole stitch

embrioderd on handdeyd cotton .

Do you like it ?

zaterdag, januari 06, 2007

Donna per Donna

I just got the deadline for Donna per Donna (Woman for woman)

I made two cards and wil send them monday
then they wil be there in time .

more on QuiltArtLugano 2007
There is a link on my blog

vrijdag, januari 05, 2007

Page for Lynda

YEs I now you must think I am crazy and I am a little crazy
here is on other swap on Yahoo
There are 10 ladies and we are making 1 page for every lady over 10 months
so we and up whit 10 pages ,we hade to make the front cover first
and so we set the theme for the swap
This is the first page this one is for Lynda
I hope she likes the page

donderdag, januari 04, 2007

Take a stitch

Herringbone stitch

That is the first of many stitches I wil explore ,
The first sample is a little piece of fabric and I embrioderd just the herringbone stitch
I jused embriodery silk in diverent colors

This picture let you see a diverent fabric it is felt , here I wil add more stitches ,
here is the herringbone stitch and next week there wil be an other stitch .

backside of Ruth-Ellen,s page

This is the backside and an other page is ready ,the second photo is an detail of the pocket
Here you can see the organza on felt ,
It is so wonderful what you can do on the embellisher

you get a very diverent fabric and texture

maandag, januari 01, 2007

First pages in 2007

More work done on this page it is almost finished,,

And I finished the backside to ,
Hand deyed fabrick layerd with organza ,and fantasie fiber,
FME and burnt it a little .
A little hand embriodery , some organza worked on whit the embellisher.
and I made a little poche ,, felt and on top some layers of fantasie fiber and organza
The tag in the poche is on the next photo.

Here I jused organza and fantasie fiber on felt
worked on with the embellisher

An other little tag ,fantasie fiber on felt and some beads