maandag, december 31, 2007

almost new year

I like to thank you all for visiting my blog and the comments
and I hope you have a very happy new year
this year there I met new and old cyber friends and I love it so much
I hope that you wil be very creative ,thanks all for sharing

warm regards Emmy

vrijdag, december 28, 2007

Yes Finished

This took al long time but now these 2 quilts are finished the first is about 70 cm 100 cm
the orange and green one is smaller 40-50 cm this one hase a lot of hand embriodery in it.
A great feeling that they are ready now I think it is a good ending of this year now I can put my mind to new things .
And ther wil be many new projects

donderdag, december 27, 2007

many lovely things to do

This is the result of some of the things I did today.

I hade to dye some fabrick for a quilt I ame making and I dyed a little more. I love the green pieces .

the rest of the fabrick is not ready jet . There was also a lot of stitching to do and hand embriodery on a little piece I am working on .

it is great to have a couple of days all for myself no work just the things I love to do

and that is a lot.

maandag, december 24, 2007

merry xmas and a happy new year

it was winter this week and we hade some wonderful days it is over now so here is a picture to let you see howe wonderful it was .
I hope you all have a very merry christmas and a great new year, thanks for all the visites and comments on my blog ,I love to see you all in the new year .
warm regards Emmy,

vrijdag, december 21, 2007

A present and some new ideas

I got a wonderful present from Jaqueline lovely fabricks and lace ribbons and lots of little wooden figures and much more is is so lovely Thanks for this wonderful gift I wil make something of this today I worked and than I wil be free so I hope to use this free time to create

I put some ideas on paper for a next project Iam thinking about ,there hase been little time for me, my mother hase been to hospital because after 12 years she hade again brest cancer .
now she is recovering from the opration , and she is doing very well.
there is still a long way to go but we have good hope .

zaterdag, december 15, 2007

Lost paradise

I am stil working on the quilt today I did a lot of stiching I added some organza and hand embriodery
also some painting it was great to do so much work on the quilt
In the mean time there is an other project that I have to think about
I hope to get this quilt is done before I stard an other one I love to go and make new things and let the old ones lay around .I wil not do it this time it is a promes.
,, lost paradise,, it is about the warming up of the world
A hot issue at this moment and I hope there wil be a sulution for it

maandag, december 10, 2007

bag 2

I realy love the shape of this bag it is small but you can put a lot of things in it
I made this from a quilt that was put away for ???? yes for what ,,,
I love the colors of the quilt so now it is a bag . and I think it wil be my favorite bag
It hase the same shape as the purple one I made but this one is more as I like a bag to be
I think there wil be more of these bags..........

zaterdag, december 08, 2007

A little bag and lovely gifts

The bag is a try out , I love the bag it is a lovely shape , so I wil make more but then more like me,,
and I got some wonderful gifts , it came from Susan it was a surprise to get these lovely things
thanks so much Susan .
If you have the time go and see the wonderful art she is making and some of here lovely tutorials
she is a great inspiration to me .

If you like a chalange you have to go and see Sharons blog this year she hase a new one and she puts a lot of work into it ,thank you Sharon for al your work and I hope this new chalange is as great as the last one ,I wil try to keep up this year.

An other great artist and and an inspiration Arlee this year she made some wonderful things
go and see it on here blog

And there are also new friends this year Andrea go and see here art to very wonderful

thank you al for your comments on my blog I was not so activ and I did not comment much but I have seen your work and love to be part of al the thinks you are making
hope to do better next year .

Thank you al

maandag, december 03, 2007

after a day of experiments

Stil in progres the quilt ,, warming up of the world ,,
that is why I used these colors.. not sure howe to go one .. so I go and play with other material ,

Tyvek that was the experiment and it is so much fun ,,

maandag, november 26, 2007

some work in progres

I send a piece of work to a challenge ,I wil let you see in time, this challenge was Black and White
for Textiele plus .
I finished some of the knitting pieces so now I have more time for other things.
The first piece wil one day be a quilt the little pinguin is painted ,,, I did not now if I could do it but I think it is not so bad for the first time painting on facric. I hope you agree
if not let me now what I did wrong ,

the second piece is felt not on the embellisher but wet felted.
I love the structuur of wet felt .
I wil do some embriodery on this piece some hand embriodery and some machine embriodery

Sharon b is taking on a new challenge next year if you are interested in hand embriodery go and see this I think it wil be great .

woensdag, november 21, 2007

land scape

this piece came back today it was send to engeland to take part on a exhibition
now it is home again an I can show it to you .../
I hade a wonderful day with my 2 friends Willy and Sandra a day full of inspiration
these days are so very lovely ,I am looking forwerd to the next day .

maandag, november 19, 2007


experiments to make sketchbook, for the ideas I get and to get them on paper and not forget it .
I used watercolors ,inktpads and on some page,s oil pastels

zondag, november 18, 2007

birthday postcard

working hard but I cant let you see ,,,, so here is some postcard I made for a friend
first I made the stamp I used faom it is easy and the result is nice dont you think?
I made more stamps and wil make more prints
I let you see in time
for now ,, have a great week and I wil bee back to you with more work....

zondag, november 11, 2007

gifts to get and gifts to send

I got some lovely mail this week a beautiful postcard from my friend Dianne thanks so much for the postcard ,and a ATC from Anne so lovely .
It is always so nice to get this kinde a mail .

And for the FAF swap I made a little journal quilt for Alis here theme is Egypte
I first dyed some fabric then FME it and when this was done I painted some little details a also added fantasie yarn and some hand embriodery

maandag, november 05, 2007

I am oke

First I want to thank al of you for the very nice comments on my blog and I have been busy and my blog is a bit on the background at the moment .
I notisted that some of you are missing my that is so nice to here I wil post more regelar and visite your blogs and let you now I have been there
My dear friend Willy made go knitting again but there is so muts wonderful yarn that I have to much work the first wil be a little swaeter from the Rowan book .
The green and the purple yarn are from Klaziens Kreaties realy wonderful yarn .

The purple wil be a stola and the green wel ,,, some knitting and some fabrick whit embellisher work on it

At the moment I also take a workshop in Dronten it is also much work .
the little quilt on top of the page is made for that workshop this is done whit
transfere paint and FME

And this weekend I was asked to do a workshop next year so you see there is much to do and so little time ,

maandag, oktober 15, 2007

experiment with the embellisher

I am into the experiment,,, al the little pieces are made on the embellisher,, wool ,silk, organza ,
velvet .
some I like some I dont like .
If I do more experiment I wil let you see the result


always looking for new textures in fabrick here I used velvet wool and organza I worked from the backside so it was very surprising to see the result .
the blue fabrick was lovely and this one is very lovely
so back to the machine to see if I can come up with more lovely fabrick

zondag, oktober 14, 2007


the velvet book cover is finished I added some machine embriodery fantasie yarn and a bead
I am very pleased with the result


manipulation of velvet a little piece of velvet fabrick is laying around for a long time a lovely blue color .
I cut some pieces and punched it with the embellisher on the backside and scrim .
This piece was also cut in pieces that I mounted on the velvet piece that was not worked on with the embellisher .
Now I have a lovely piece of fabrick that I can use for a book cover

vrijdag, oktober 12, 2007


I have been Tagged by Doreen to name 7 honest things about myself
so lets think..........

1...I work to much ..I can,t say no..

2..My children and grand children ..I love them so much ..

3..I dream about Nicholas gage .....and Rod Steward.. (this sunday I go to a concert in Rotterdam Rod is comming to Holland ooo I love it )

4 I hate to clean the house but I also hate a dirty house

5 I spend to much time on the computer

6 there are to much things I want to do I always see new things and the old stuf ... wel I must finish that first

7 I know I need to work out,, I am getting fat,, I dont like anything but swimming . there is so little TIME

oke no more now I must tag some others
here they come







oke ladies it is your turn

and I want to thank all of you that responded on the fabrick art book and all the other Items
thank you so much I always love to get comments it is very nice that you al visit my blog
warm regards to you al

zaterdag, oktober 06, 2007

a book is finnished

The art journal for the FAF swap is finished it was so much work but it is turned out very nice
this is a very great way to bind a book .
I used plastic mesh a flat piece you can cut it up in little pieces it is firm enough to hold its shape without being so stiff it is easy to work on .

maandag, oktober 01, 2007

front page

I am working on the FAF art journal and I hade to make one more page the backside of the book ,
But this wil turn out to be the front of the book .
The green fabrick is silk that I punched with the embellisher in the middle there is a piece embriodery with some beads
I realy love this way of embriodery I used onely 2 stitches the Frenchknot stitch and the Herringbone stitch
these are my favoriet stitches with some fantasie yarn it look so good

zondag, september 30, 2007

book binding and more pages

The TAST pages are coming on very well and for the binding of the book I tryed the FAF pages they are ready for binding
I used many little threads and I think it turned on very pretty
so I now howe to put the TAST book togheter

woensdag, september 26, 2007

A wonderful gift and work in progres

The first picture is of an necklace I got from a friend she made it for me yes I am a lucky girl

the next picture is some felted and beaded work do you remember the fabrick from my friend Willie ,, wel I am working on it and I think it is turning out great .

Stil some more work to do before it is ready


A little experiment with lace and mull and acrylic paint

more lace and mull

a box with mull and acrylic paint