zaterdag, maart 31, 2012


Nature awakens
Spring is for real and kicking
Cold breezes touched me

zondag, maart 25, 2012


she was waiting to be finished
and so alone
so I made here some friends 

even on here back is a friend
you see now she is never alone again

and if you are following my blog ,,
this one is also made a doll
have a nice Sunday evening to you all

zaterdag, maart 24, 2012

zaterdag, maart 17, 2012


I travel to unknown places
where the day never ends
the sun always shine
a dreamrider i am
and my youth is my comrade
behind me i left
the puppets of mankind
I travel where there are no kings
no dreamthieves
the sky is always blue
no Gods and no Slaves
just me
a crazy dreamrider

zaterdag, maart 10, 2012

Fun is good ,,,,,

paper and scrim
manipulate the paper  I just love this class
It takes me over the edge
if you like what you see
go and find more here and here

the soft delicate lace with the paper
from there to here
from here to there
funny things are everywhere

dinsdag, maart 06, 2012

extendent embellisment

A new course by Karen
working with scrim

For the first course I made a piece
not finished yet
A good time to extend

zondag, maart 04, 2012

Silly nonsense ?????

Of all the silly nonsense,
this is the stupidest tea party
I've ever been to in all my life.