donderdag, juli 29, 2010

In the forest

working on the beast I added some leaves a little bird and now it is more like a forest
still lot of stitching to do and more beast to make
The course given by Jude  is wonderful

zondag, juli 25, 2010

Bollie the Bear

stitching these beast is fun  here is my bear ready to come to live
all learned by Jude Hill

vrijdag, juli 23, 2010

donderdag, juli 22, 2010

a cooler day

to day it is not so hot 
so it is time to show you some work i have done
this is for the course by Jude Hill
learning and stitching and having fun

zaterdag, juli 17, 2010

work of art by Emily

My granddaughter Emily  is staying her for the weekend  and is playing along  with me
doodling and playing with cloth
here is Emily,s work of art
I just love to see here work so hard

donderdag, juli 08, 2010

to hot

not much done it is to hot for me

just some small piece I am working on