zondag, januari 31, 2010

Beautiful memories

I found these shelf's  on the beach in Noordwijk

Those days  with long talks and walks and stitching and knitting 
memories beautiful memories
working on this quilt brings it al back
I just love this challenge

zaterdag, januari 30, 2010

the making of ,,,,,,,,,,,

the first stitches for the new challenge
pieces of cloth that were marbled with glue
This was one of the techniques we tried on our  days together

we have to use al the techniques and they must be visible
that is why I want to make little quilts
I will put them together I am not sure how

vrijdag, januari 29, 2010

New Challange

I wanted to tel you a bit more about the new challenge
Willy was the one to  give us the theme for the challenge
,,a special friendship,, that is the theme
from all of the days we came together we have samples
and these samples we have to use in the quilt
I have found all the samples and I collected them in this basket
and as I was looking at al these pieces of fabric
There is was the idea for the quilt
,,A slow cloth ,,
The quilt must be finished in may
I dont know if I can make this in time  but I am going to try,

Many people will walk in
and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave
footprints in your heart.

- Eleanor Roosevelt -

donderdag, januari 28, 2010


Yesterday we had a great day with the Girls in Heerde
The challenge came from Sandra this time
Freedom ,, now I can show you my quilt 
Willy gave us a new challenge ,
an other time I tel you more about this challenge

zondag, januari 24, 2010

Snow again

A little bit of snow it always looks so very beautiful
looking out of my window doing a bit of stitching
I just love these  lazy Sundays

vrijdag, januari 22, 2010


For a new quilt I want to use a bit of Boutis there is info enough on the net but I like to have a book  so I got a book from Amazon  . I have some fabric but it is not the good kind of fabric for Boutis
On the last picture you see a little sample of boutis I made with the wrong fabric.
click on the picture to get it bigger .
I went to Eernewoude  to the Quilt kabinet  for some Silk Thread and I asked if she had some needles for Boutis 
Well here I was in the right place Marja Loves Boutis she has lovely books needles fabric stuffing al for Boutis
What a tread it was I got home with gifts and new materials
long live marja and the quiltkabinet

dinsdag, januari 19, 2010

Miao patchwork

my first try of Miao Patchwork
Silk from the Miao people
it is 4-4 cm

zondag, januari 17, 2010

Miao patchwork

The first time I found the Miao patchwork was in the museum in Leeuwarden there was a exhibition about the history of quilts
here were costumes of the miao people and I was in love, so beautiful and I wanted to know about this technique of patchwork and embroidery.
Well yesterday was the big day and what a day it was

A workshop given by Ien Rappoldt was a great pleasure she is a great story teller, she goes every year to the miao people to learn from them .

zondag, januari 10, 2010

more snow and making plans

there is more snow again, and a cold wind is is blowing .
A little snow storm ,

I am making plans for an other quilt
sampling and drawing thinking howe to
and what if ,,,, I never do much thinking before I make a quilt
but this time it is a bit different
I want to do some new techniques i never used before
so I have to make some samples to see if it works
Today I nearly finished the woman quilt and my knitting is going very well
also almost done .
so room for plans .

vrijdag, januari 08, 2010

the hart of woman

there are still some stitches to make on my quilt and as always there is some delay
work is keeping me away from stitching

zondag, januari 03, 2010

What to do

the things I am working on at this moment ,
C&G course I wanted to do more last year but there is always a delay
on the picture you see a sneak peak of what I am working in for C&G
I hope to finis the course this year .

the challenge for TeXplosions is almost done ,just a little more stitching .
in February we get a new challenge .

There is a new TAST in march I want to do this maybe a TAST book 2
If you like to participate go here

there is KISS a challenge by Dijaan Cevaal I could not resist

And there are the great days with Sandra and Willy with the wonderful challenges
I finished, Vrijheid ,a quilt form a challenge Sandra gave us
I can not let you see this quilt first I want to show it to Sandra and Willy
we meet at the end of January, also here will be a next challenge
so you see there is plenty to do

vrijdag, januari 01, 2010

happy new year

I want to wish you all a very happy new year
and thank you for visiting my blog I hope to see much creativity from you all this year
I made this hat yesterday with pieces of felt I got from Yvette
My daughter is the proud owner now