maandag, november 26, 2007

some work in progres

I send a piece of work to a challenge ,I wil let you see in time, this challenge was Black and White
for Textiele plus .
I finished some of the knitting pieces so now I have more time for other things.
The first piece wil one day be a quilt the little pinguin is painted ,,, I did not now if I could do it but I think it is not so bad for the first time painting on facric. I hope you agree
if not let me now what I did wrong ,

the second piece is felt not on the embellisher but wet felted.
I love the structuur of wet felt .
I wil do some embriodery on this piece some hand embriodery and some machine embriodery

Sharon b is taking on a new challenge next year if you are interested in hand embriodery go and see this I think it wil be great .

woensdag, november 21, 2007

land scape

this piece came back today it was send to engeland to take part on a exhibition
now it is home again an I can show it to you .../
I hade a wonderful day with my 2 friends Willy and Sandra a day full of inspiration
these days are so very lovely ,I am looking forwerd to the next day .

maandag, november 19, 2007


experiments to make sketchbook, for the ideas I get and to get them on paper and not forget it .
I used watercolors ,inktpads and on some page,s oil pastels

zondag, november 18, 2007

birthday postcard

working hard but I cant let you see ,,,, so here is some postcard I made for a friend
first I made the stamp I used faom it is easy and the result is nice dont you think?
I made more stamps and wil make more prints
I let you see in time
for now ,, have a great week and I wil bee back to you with more work....

zondag, november 11, 2007

gifts to get and gifts to send

I got some lovely mail this week a beautiful postcard from my friend Dianne thanks so much for the postcard ,and a ATC from Anne so lovely .
It is always so nice to get this kinde a mail .

And for the FAF swap I made a little journal quilt for Alis here theme is Egypte
I first dyed some fabric then FME it and when this was done I painted some little details a also added fantasie yarn and some hand embriodery

maandag, november 05, 2007

I am oke

First I want to thank al of you for the very nice comments on my blog and I have been busy and my blog is a bit on the background at the moment .
I notisted that some of you are missing my that is so nice to here I wil post more regelar and visite your blogs and let you now I have been there
My dear friend Willy made go knitting again but there is so muts wonderful yarn that I have to much work the first wil be a little swaeter from the Rowan book .
The green and the purple yarn are from Klaziens Kreaties realy wonderful yarn .

The purple wil be a stola and the green wel ,,, some knitting and some fabrick whit embellisher work on it

At the moment I also take a workshop in Dronten it is also much work .
the little quilt on top of the page is made for that workshop this is done whit
transfere paint and FME

And this weekend I was asked to do a workshop next year so you see there is much to do and so little time ,