dinsdag, april 20, 2010

take a break

I am sorry but I have to take a break
see you soon 

warm regards

zondag, april 11, 2010


knotted buttonhole stitch and Tast 2 is turning in to a little book
A lovely stitch with lots of possibilitys
all thanks to sharon b

portuguese border stitch

I know I am a bit late but here is week 4  of Tast2
I want to keep up but there are many things to attend to
you can see week 5 and 6  and I will be busy to let you see more pictures

maandag, april 05, 2010

final Ierland quilt

The quilt for the C&G course is finished

55-75 cm
crazy quilting and the middle piece a Celtic cross  for a better view you can click on the picture

I have to go now and make 1 other quilt  for the course
and I have no Idea what to make  my mind is empty
no inspiration