woensdag, december 23, 2009

lost and found

cleaning up my room I found this piece
it was lost in the pile of cloth in a basket
I am so glad I found it again
maybe I can do some stitching

I wish you all a very merry christmas

zondag, december 20, 2009

little gift

made on the embellisher a little bag it is a gift
it is still snowing here and there is more to come
it is a good day to stay inside

zaterdag, december 19, 2009


this is for me,
two booklets I won and she made these drawings for me
on here blog you can see here work
Thank you so much for the gifts.

donderdag, december 17, 2009


we have snow and it is still snowing it looks so beautiful,
but it also has some problems for the traffic.
I can not go to work .
well I don,t mind that at all

zondag, december 13, 2009


Yes more knitting .
when we visited Ribbels in Leiden I found the beautiful knit wear designed by Hanne Falkenberg
This one I like very much .
I orderd it and friday it arived so now I am knitting .
I wil show it when it is done .
There are 400 stitches on the needle .
I think it wil take some time to finish

zondag, december 06, 2009

shall I do it

The flower was a gift from a dear friend and now I am thinking to use it for this piece that I made on the embellisher
what do you think shall I do so ????????????

rain drops on my window

Experiment on the embellisher
a little piece of a quilt I am working on
Cleaning my room, a good cd, a cup of tea,
I don,t mind the rain drops on my window

dinsdag, december 01, 2009


I only have to knit the sleves
the noro wool I got by Ribbels in Leiden
a great store with beautiful yarn and I hade to buy some and hade to knit
well almost done