donderdag, juni 26, 2008

crazy quilting

This is also for the mandala all little pieces of crazy quilting I made 5 more so I can sit in the garden and do the embroidery by hand there
I do have to work today but this morning I hade a couple of houres free so I could sit and relex a bit

dinsdag, juni 24, 2008

new blog and work in progres

A new blog and some pictures of the work in progres ,the mandala ,
this is the challange for the dutch bag ladies

vrijdag, juni 20, 2008

TAST the binding,,,,,

It is stil in progres but it is coming slowly , for the binding of the book I first used eyelets but this was not so good the eyelets all fall out of the fabrick after some time .

I now used the buttonhole stitch for the little holes and this is very nice I have seen on Jacquelines blog she hase the same problemes with the eyelets .

zondag, juni 15, 2008


The quilts for the challanges I am working on are going very well you see in time.
The work for the C&G is slowly going I have to make some examples but for one example I made a little bag
I have to work with prairie points used insert within a patchwork design and when I finished it
I made a little bag of the example

The small piece of crazy quilt is also an example for the course
It takes a lot of work but it is so very lovely to do

vrijdag, juni 13, 2008

exquisite corpse

at last here it is the exquisite corps 6 ladies worked on this Ginger Henkel top left piece

I did the middel piece Michelle the next piece

Betty Donahue did the left bottum piece Mary Anne did the middel piece and the last piece done by Reta Brunner

the pieces were al coverd up so you could not see what the others hade done

I revield the piece and can let you see the result

there are more exquisite corps going on go and see on the blog of Arlee she is the moderator of it all

My theme is mermaid and the colors green and blue

maandag, juni 09, 2008

summer is here

I made an fabric journal for my examples for the C&G course the front is also an example I hade to make
the cirkle is for a quilt I am working on and the other project for the Dutchbagladies the Mandala is going oke can,t let you see anything it is a secret ,,,,,,,,, haha

donderdag, juni 05, 2008

a lovely day

Yesterday was a lovely day Willy came for a visit to bring me the fabric for the new challenge for the Dutch bag ladies
Little gifts are the fabric’s willy made
We have to make a quilt with these fabric’s the mandala as an inspiration
I love mandalas so I love this challenge
You can add 1 colour and the colour I want was not available in my home town But I know Klazien always has the good materials a phone call an she will send it to me

And we have a new blogger Ellen is new in blogland she is also a member of the Dutch bagladies
welkom Ellen hope you let us see many wonderful quilts go and look at this womans work so wonderful

There is something else I want you to see Terri and Sue have online classes looks very great

maandag, juni 02, 2008

Dutch Bagladies

The result of the challenge for the DBL
The fabric’s that we hade to use were not so nice, so I have use them in the flowers
Little pieces of fabric between layers of organza the heat gun and there are the flowers
The shape of the cushion is a drop of water.

It is not my best piece but next time better I can not let you see the next challenge yet
Willy made it and I let you see pictures as soon as possible