zaterdag, mei 27, 2006

quilt in progres

more ideas from the workshops whit dijanne
I hade some more fabric left and some more ideas ,

so one other quilt in progres the puple fabric is handdyed by dijanne ,I love it very much

I am not sure about the border ,I think I will FME the border whit leaves , I tryed one in the corner and one flower must go more to the corner so there is much more work to do .

this one is bigger
1.m -1.20.m I like this one better then the other one .

handdyed fabric

On the workshop whit dijanne she hade handdyed fabric whit here and it was very beautiful ,

I hade to try to do some to and this is the result of my effort .

for the first time, i think I did real good ,I am very happy whit it

And wil do some more

donderdag, mei 18, 2006


Two days workshop ,that was so wonderful I hade a great time

Dijanne Cevaal is lovely I got so much insperatie I realy loved it

My quilt is not so big and it is in progres, there is so much machine embriodery to do .

There were more beautiful quilts made but i forgot my camera ,

one lady wil send me the other pitures when i get them i wil let you see them

ontil then you have just this quilt

zaterdag, mei 13, 2006

ACT's and other things

Some ATC's I have made for swaps , I have some more work i must finish but at the moment i am not so active ,, I do a lot of things but other things .
Today I send two quilts to bourboule, Sofie Gelfi is putting op a festival in europe for some years now ,I never made someting for a exhibition wel last year a made ATC's but not quilts .So it is exiting, I dont know if the quilts wil enter the festival , but i send them out ,,, so I will see . here you can see more of the festival.
When the quilt are on the festival I wil put pictures on the blog . In september I go and see the exhibition in Bourboule .
And next week I wil go to the workshop by dijaan Cevaal , it is a 2 day workshop ,,
I wil keep you informd over the progres .

donderdag, mei 11, 2006

more garden

The witseria is so beautiful this year and so much flowers , it is a wonder to look at it .
The weather is so good so i can enjoy my garden at the moment .
this weekend the temps are going down so now is the time to love it all

maandag, mei 08, 2006


the sun at last. so much work in the garden but i love it and now i can enjoy the beauty of it

dinsdag, mei 02, 2006

just a little word

I am going on a 2 days workshop ,,,,,, Dijanne cevaal is coming to holland and she is giving some workshops . Here work is wonderful and I love to go ,,,,, and I am in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2 days
Sooo I have to prepare for the workshop and stil working on some things , the fabric art journal ,
some work for the festival in bourboule , and it is spring here so the garden needs much attention, so you see there is much work to do .
I dont have photos at the moment but dont worry i let you see al the news in time ,