zondag, augustus 31, 2008


an other award this time a got this award from Ati thank you so much for this
it is always so nice that your blog is awarded dont you think
I have to pick 5 blogs and this is the hard part there are so many and I love a lot of the blogs I read
so for al of you very creativ cyber friends I want to give this award
I know this is not the way but for me it is howe I feel about it
I want to thank you al for the comments and the very nice words and the insiration a get from you al
It is so very nice to blog
have a great day
warm regards to you all

vrijdag, augustus 29, 2008

shisha embroidery

This week I finished a lot of things that were waiting and waiting , some knitting some embroidery and work for C&G .
Now my head is a bit clearer and I can start new things
and as you know there must be some embroidery I just love to sit and stitch .
So this is a picture of a new adventure .
I wil not say more about it
It wil come al in good time

maandag, augustus 25, 2008

I am in Fiber and Stitch,,,,,,,

Fiber and Stitch issue 5 is out and I am in it
There is an article from me in this issue
here is a picture of the teacosy I made for the article
But there is so much more in this issue you have to see it
so much to see and learn , it is a great issue as always .


just a start of something I want to do for a long long time
I realy dont know where it wil end
But here is the first picture
al handdyed fabric and not what I liked at that time
but here it looks oke

zondag, augustus 24, 2008

new memberschip

Around the world in 20 quilts is a group setup by Linda
I was to late to join but Linda put me on a waiting list and today she mailed me to ask if I would join the group. there was one how left the group ,
Wel I love to join so now I am a new member of this group
They did one challenge but the next one wil be in sept . so that is soon.
love to be on this group

vrijdag, augustus 22, 2008

my playground

I like to let you see the inspiration for my quilt play ground
the first thing I was thinking on when we got the challange was the way were playing as children
there were many little ditches around the school , the last picture was my school , long gone ,,,
now there is a road and new houses no more play ground for children .
in summer we played in the fields fild with flowers and in the winter we did ice skating and played in the snow .
The head master always told us to see the beauty of the nature and it was beautiful at that time
nature is gone there no more flowers ,,, o yes there are nice gardens with flowers but it is not the same .
so that was my inspiration for the quilt .

al memories .

donderdag, augustus 21, 2008

16 again???

A very lovely day yesterday the monoprinting was not a succes but we hade so much fun and the quilts were beautiful I can not show the pictures you better go to Sandra,s blog
My pictures are so pale I only have a good picture of my quilt I made it with an other camera

I took care of the new challenge and presented it in little folders.
I made one for Sandra and one for Willy.
we have to make a quilt using a haiku as inspiration
I added some haiku,s to choose from

we wil meet soon as we go to Arnhem to go to an exhibition of quilts
2 quilts of Sandra 1 of Willy and 1 of me are hanging there to

and there is more to come I wil keep you informed

dinsdag, augustus 19, 2008

A day to play

things I must not forget to take to Heerde for a day to play and talk and show and tell

The quilts are finished and I prepared a new challange

we are going to monoprint and Willy wil spoil us with food and drinks

woensdag, augustus 13, 2008

now I know what to do

I am still working on my mandala and I wanted to do something with the holes
and working on the postcards there is was the Idea
I think this is a ,,what if ,, check this blog from Jude

so you see working with little things is sometimes the answer
but first I make the postcard

dinsdag, augustus 12, 2008

maybe a postcard

little pieces of fabric and silk thread this wil be a postcard for a swap
Sometimes it so nice to work small .

maandag, augustus 04, 2008

little treasures

My grandson gave me lots of buttons he got them from a secondhand store
Some buttons are very old now I wil add them on the mandala
for me they are little treasures

So you see the mandala is growing little by little

zaterdag, augustus 02, 2008


I find embroidery a wonderful way to get my mind at rest
every day I stitch some little stitches
some days many stitches as today
and there are always new ideas in my head
for the C&G course I have to think about a container to make
I just have to get the idea and in the next modle I must make it so now my head is spinning with al kind of ideas
I have to sit down and make notes and drawings
but first some little stitches