maandag, december 03, 2007

after a day of experiments

Stil in progres the quilt ,, warming up of the world ,,
that is why I used these colors.. not sure howe to go one .. so I go and play with other material ,

Tyvek that was the experiment and it is so much fun ,,

7 opmerkingen:

arlee zei

I like the middle shot--very floral shaped, organic and delicate!

Alis Clair zei

Oh I'm loving this! The colours are just gorgeous.

Kim zei

Wonderfully vibrant colors. I love your experiments.

Stitchety Grub zei

I too luv the middle shot ... yummy bright colours ... goes with my mood as it is now Summer here in Australia (Dec 1st) and that is what it reminds me of ...fabulous :D

Unknown zei

These colours sure warm me up right now! Like the Tyvek experiment, it looks like fun:)

Dianne zei

I love the middle shape too - reminds me of a flower


Love your warm colours on your experiments!