zondag, augustus 12, 2007

Sumptuous Surface

Today was a lovely day to sit in the garden and so I did and finished the sumptuous surface piece
A lot of stitching and beading ,
I love to do this and I think this is not the last piece
I wil make .
I have to think on a new desing and go on stitching

14 opmerkingen:

Bonnie zei

It's really an incredible piece!

gunnelsvensson zei

Emmy, this piece is wonderful, and I can see that you enjoyed it!
Thanks for nice comments on my blog and on flickr, it´s nice to be back. My computer have been sooo slowly in my summerhouse, I couldn´t wath on pictures on flickr and blogs, so I have so much to see now instead :-))

Donna zei

that really is a scrumptious surface you created! You've done a wonderful job both with the design and its execution. :-)


It is funny, this afternoon I was also sitting and stiching my garden! Have a nice week!

Barbara B. zei

Oh, that is a wonderful embroidery. It looks very precious. I love such work.

Dianne zei

Oh, it is just so beautiful! So much work has gone into this. I love it, the colours the design - wonderful!!

Doreen G zei

Emmy this is incredible congratulations on a great job

Micki zei

It is beautiful, Emmy. You have put so much work into it. I love the textures you created with all of the stitching and beadwork.

Terri Stegmiller zei

It's just lovely. I especially like those squares of raw edged fabric on there.

Alis Clair zei

That is really beautiful Emmy.
So jewel like.

Rosalind zei

What a lovely way to mark the summer of 2007! I love the encrusted surface :o)

Susan Lenz zei

First, thank you ever so much for your comments on my blog. There is a wonderful feeling to know that fiber-interested folks are supporting my creative journey. Thank you for being part of this group.

About your embroidery, I just adore the way in which you successfully blend raw edges with finished lines of embroidery. I also admire your designs in which curves shapes blend perfectly with the straight line of a "horizon"....arches and plateaus that co-exist in harmony.
Your beads add texture, interest, and a variety of levels. Your sense of color is a slice of harmony.

Keep up the good work. One day, it would be my honor to sit in a garden and stitch with you.

Freja zei

Thanks for gorgeous inspiration! Just thought I should let you know I linked to you in a blog post today.

SeamRippstress zei

Simply gorgeous Emmy! Inspiring me to take a Sharon b class and learn to embroidery again. I like the new blog look and banner!