woensdag, oktober 07, 2009

Mistake ?????

Some mistakes are not so bad
I took the fabric out to soon and it is not the color I wanted but I like it anyway

And 2 more pieces of fabric painted I am not sure if I like them

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Corryna zei

Grappig dit. Als je vaker zulke fouten maakt, mag je mij de stof wel sturen :-). Vooral dat rood met zwart vind ik erg mooi. En die ondersten zullen het goed doen als marmeren steen of keukenblad hahahahaha. Echt, eens zul je net deze stof nodig hebben. Let maar op. Zal ik er anders een thema bij verzinnen?

Sandra zei

Ach, dat heb ik nou nooit!

Aussie Jo zei

Greta fabrics Emmy, the bottom two look like marble.

qwerty zei

Those mistakes look fabulous! I especially like the red one. It could be quilted as a whole cloth quilt just as it is and it would look incredible hung on a wall.

patstudio zei

i like it too. good mistake!!!

murgelchen zei

The Mistakes very good and nice.

Deborah zei

They look good to me. Maybe there are no mistakes.

jude zei

love the red one!

Deb Hardman zei

Bob Ross was a painter, who used to call those kind of mistakes, "Happy accidents"!

It's beautiful!