zaterdag, november 21, 2009

many little stitches

I started this and I will have to do so many stitches
I have to do some every day to get this done
just stitch

8 opmerkingen:

patstudio zei

wonderful color.....looks like an intense project....

verobirdie zei

Love the colors too. How big is this?

Deborah zei

It looks lovely. Is it intended to be a gift?

arlee zei

intoxicating in a quiet way to work like this, yes?

Sandra Wyman zei

Oooh but it will be worth it! It already looks wonderful.

Sandra zei

Wat een werk Emmy. Wel meenemen woensdag!

Jackie zei

Oh thats so fabulous. I love it.
(I'm catching up on blog reading today)

Wanda zei

fabric is wonderful and yes, lots and lots of little stitches! but it will be worth it!