vrijdag, januari 22, 2010


For a new quilt I want to use a bit of Boutis there is info enough on the net but I like to have a book  so I got a book from Amazon  . I have some fabric but it is not the good kind of fabric for Boutis
On the last picture you see a little sample of boutis I made with the wrong fabric.
click on the picture to get it bigger .
I went to Eernewoude  to the Quilt kabinet  for some Silk Thread and I asked if she had some needles for Boutis 
Well here I was in the right place Marja Loves Boutis she has lovely books needles fabric stuffing al for Boutis
What a tread it was I got home with gifts and new materials
long live marja and the quiltkabinet

3 opmerkingen:

Yvette zei

dat moest ik even opzoeken Emmy.
Boutis..een beetje als zaansstikwerk dus.
wat een werk maar wel heel mooi.
Zie je al drie honden terugkomend van een wandeling in het bos boven op het mooi wit werk....ikke wel dus nee ik hou het bont.


jan zei

Thankyou Cramsy! love your blog

Quilt Architect zei

I looked up that book and it is over 250.00 on Amazon here. I hope you got a better deal on it.
It looks like trapunto.