woensdag, maart 31, 2010

Batic from Indonesia

I got lots of authentic batik fabrics from Indonesia
they were from a lady how past away  here daughter is   gave me these beautiful fabrics
I cant stop looking they are awesome
 I am a very happy girl

5 opmerkingen:

Jan zei

Oh my, what a lovely gift! I wonder what you will do with them. If they were mine I might just hold them and enjoy their beauty without trying to turn them into something else. Some fabrics are like that for me, I just love them.

Maggi zei

No wonder you are happy. They are breathtaking.

artymess zei

Lucky you they look beautiful...batik is an amazing art form .....enjoy.....Lorna

Martine zei

Ja hier kun je urenlang naar blijven kijken. Ze zijn prachtig.

Janny de Roo zei

Daar kun je hele mooie dingen van maken....! Ik kijk er naar uit...!