dinsdag, september 21, 2010

no work just play

plenty of time to spend in my little room playing with cloth
It is my holiday and on Friday we go on a trip to Cyprus .

here is is autumn lots of rain and wind
on Cyprus it is sunny and warm
love to go to there 

for now I am working for the course  by Jude Hill
the first will be integrated in the forest quilt 
the second is just a try but i like it
the soft colours go well together

oant sjen

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

heel mooi emmy
veel plezier in cyprus

Janny de Roo zei

Daar is het vast warmer dan hier...dus lekker genieten van het land en de warmte ! Veel plezier!

Emmy zei

dank je wel Tineke en jij ook Janny
we gaan ons best doen