zondag, oktober 24, 2010


The Art of Rain

© Mitchell D. Wilson

Falling Down, pooling up,
Out of the sky, into my cup.

What is this wet that comes from above,
That some call disaster, and others find love.

The harder it falls, the less it is nice,
The colder it falls the harder the ice.

The rain has an art that I may not get,
So I stand still here and get soaking wet.

2 opmerkingen:

Jan zei

Very timely poem since we got our first big rainstorm of the season last night, it is continuing right now. I love the rain and I love this poem.

Heartwideopen zei

Well, this is appropriate! It's POURING down rain here in the Pacific Northwest! We're expected to get 2.5 inches over the weekend. I loved your poem... thanks for giving me a different perspective.

;~) Debi