zondag, november 07, 2010

Rag Doll

The Little Rag Doll
Sally sat in a corner, a pretty Rag Doll
Molly loved her, Sally was hers, but once, Sally fell
Mother picked her up and loved Sally's frill a lot
'Ah! so nice for my little Jill' she thought
Mother mended little Jill's hem
using Sally's frill
It did look cute as Jill's white lace
But Sally was sad to lose her face
And now Molly did not think Sally was a gem
So she threw Sally
Behind her alley
Sally cried silent tears huddling naked washed with fright
in that empty can of Sprite
Jill picked her up and thought her dress was bright
It would make a pretty sight
when she cut her up and used her
to stuff her little Rag Doll.

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Magpie's Mumblings zei

She's so sweet Emmy! I love her hair and the little kittie on her dress. Just the sort of doll that would be nice to hug.