zondag, januari 09, 2011

Addiction ?

I have an affliction
Or is it an addiction?
It really is hard to say.

I wake up each morning,
Sleepy and yawning,
Not ready to face the day.

All night I've thought of plans,
New patterns, designs and bands,
Until I have lost my way.

Each quilt I see
Looks good to me.
I'll make it, come what may.

The more I learn,
The more I yearn
To make a quilt that's gay.

With swatches galore
I still want more!
But somebody's got to pay!

Yes, it is an addiction,
Not an affliction,
And I know it is here to stay!

5 opmerkingen:

Martine zei

Van zo'n mand met kleurige lapjes kun je toch niet afblijven?
Ik heb zin om erin te duiken.
Heel veel plezier ermee.

deanna7trees zei

you've got lots of company.

Willy zei

Helemaal mee eens!!

artymess zei

its a great healthy addiction anyway .......x

Magpie's Mumblings zei

It may be an addiction, but of the best kind!