zondag, maart 20, 2011

Sunny Sunday

A bit more about Noordwijk
I got this little gift from Tineke ,,,,
It is something I would choose
It gave my spirits quite a lift
It’s something I will use!

And I also like to let you know
the new challenge we received     
The strength of Mother Earth
 from Sandra,

and as you know I like a poem
for my inspiration

Mother Earth
Gazing up toward the light,
...spinning slowly 'round.
Hear her soft sweet lullaby,
...and sink toward the ground.

Feel her peaceful greenness,
...breathe in her clear blue sky.
Evermore forgiving; thankful she's alive.

Give back to her so kindly,
...her face we've known since birth.
Cherish her not blindly,
...for she's our only Mother Earth. 

oant sjen 

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