vrijdag, juni 03, 2011

to love and to hold

The Rag Doll

by *acidlullaby

She built her home in tear drops
And gave her heart to the sky.
She tied up leaves
Around her sleeves
And pretended she could fly.

One morning in mid Winter
On a day that felt more like Spring,
She opened her ears
To the sound of tears
And imagined she could sing.

Overhead the birds would sweep
In sunshine or in rain.
Part of a crowd
They were happy and proud
And ignorant of her pain.

With a final farewell to teardrops
She climbed the tallest tower...
In her silent voice
She made her choice
Knowing freedom was in her power.

With her gaze up to the heavens
She felt then only peace,
As she took one step more
That trailed across the floor
She finally sought release.

The world lit up in sun beams
As she soared high on makeshift wings,
And the birds gathered round
Because they had found
They could hear music when she sings.

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