zondag, april 15, 2012

ecoprinted silk with red roses

It worked

I did it

and I love it
and now I want more

11 opmerkingen:

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) zei

looks great, congrats...what's your secret, secret? ;-)

Peggy zei

Emmy, this is so beautiful -- it looks like you painted it with watercolors! I love it.

deanna7trees zei

yes, you did and it looks great. have you washed it yet. i usually throw mine in the dryer to heat set it before washing it so it doesn't lose much of its color. are you addicted yet?

Sandra zei

Ik zie al wat je met je 60 rozen gaat doen als het mooie eraf is!

Joe Madl zei

absolutely stunning!! will the red stay? or will it migrate into a brown with time, i wonder? either way, that silk is gorgeous!

Magpie's Mumblings zei

Congratulations - you have created something beautiful!

arlee zei

well done, Emmy!

jenclair zei

Beautiful! So soft and delicate, like a reflection in a pond!

MulticoloredPieces zei

Hi, Emmy. Lovely results on the eco-dying. I can see why you want more. You make it so tempting, but I'm still resisting!
best, nadia

Yvette zei

and now you're hooked!

magicmoonmusings zei

Absolutely beautiful piece. And Happy Birthday month :)