maandag, maart 26, 2007


Little bits and pieces ,left overs and that turned out to this card ..

8 opmerkingen:

gunnelsvensson zei

Lovely card, Emmy!
thanks for nice comments on my blog!

Your friend Gunnel

Grangry zei

Emmy, I like that woven effect you got in the middle there!

Micki zei

It is so bright and cheery!

Dianne zei

Great card!! I also love the middle part of the card.

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) zei

What's not to love! Interesting colors and textures and composition.

Digitalgran zei

You have been doing some more lovely work since I last visited Emmy. You are an inspiration.

Doreen G zei

What a great card and such lovely colours

SeamRippstress zei

Striking! Inspired by your embellished weaved wool.