dinsdag, maart 06, 2007

TAST cross stitch

Painted cotton and angelina fiber ,
and cross stitched lots of cross stitches

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Anoniem zei

O Emmy, wat mooi weer.
Ik kom helaas niet meer toe aan het meedoen, maar volg het wel via internet. Komt ooit nog wel eens tijd voor want leuk om te doen vind ik het zeker.

Sue Bleiweiss zei

Emmy this is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. The colors, the movement, the stitches. Fabulous.

jenclair zei

Lovely! Everything that Sue said!

Sarah zei

Emmy this is really beautiful, and flowing - so nice!

Anoniem zei

Very pretty! The cross stitch really adds nice texture when it's done densely like that. The texture combined with your incredible color sense makes this a really nice piece!

sharonb zei

Emmy - this is lovely - I really like it and just had to leave a comment and say so

Doreen G zei

What a beautiful piece of work Emmy
and you did do lots of crosses didn't you

Beth M zei

This piece is gorgeous. I love the colors and the texture you have created with the stitches.

Terri Stegmiller zei

WOW, oh wow, oh wow! I love it!

Micki zei

Emmy, it is so beautiful. I love the texture all those cross stitches make.

Stitchety Grub zei

This is just gorgeous ... love the colours.... love the movement..... well done ... I could definitely live with that on my wall :-D

Dianne zei

Love all the curves - it really flows!! Beautiful stitching - lovely piece.

Purple Missus zei

Emmy this is gorgeous. It must have taken you ages. I love it.

Helen in the UK zei

Gorgeous. Love the colours and the variety of stitching :)

Leanne Hurren zei

Gorgeous Emmy! The colours, movement and stitching - divine. I'm very jealous!

Unknown zei

Wat mooi Emmy, de kleuren en die golvende beweging er in! Slaap je nog wel eens? Wat een werk verzet jij!

Unknown zei

Emmy, this is beautiful, wonderful colours


Your colours, the stitching - all, it´s wonderful!

Digitalgran zei

What a lovely piece of work Emmy.

Sonya zei

Your creations are so layered, I love that!

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) zei

Emmy this is awesome -- spiritual, in fact.

jackie zei

This is lovely,both the colours and the use of stitch.

Cat zei

This flows beautifully! Your entire blog is great, Love your art!

I found you thru Jo's a little while back.

gunnelsvensson zei

This is really really good!