zaterdag, april 21, 2007


Dianne has tagged me for the thinker blogger ,Thank you for this Dianne ,but it made me Think
there are so many blogs and I read also many blogs some for the inspiration some just for fun and some for the wonderful words ,
and I have to pic 5 blogs now and that is not easy , but here we go

Dijanne Cevaal ,, for here wonderful work and here stories about here travels

Sharon B ,, she makes her blog very special I visite her blog every day

Arlee ,, A internet Friend from the first day a great artist and great Humor

Rene ,, I dont no here blog very long but it is very addictiv she hase great tutoriuls

there are many more I see every day ,,Dianne ,Sue b, Jacqueline, Heidi

I love blogging

3 opmerkingen:

Barbara zei

I love blogging too---butmore I love creating- because when I create I can digest my own story.

Tijm zei

Bedankt voor weer wat mooie links.

arlee zei

Thanks Emmy! We *do* go "way back" don't we? :}You're a constant source of inspiration! HUGS and SMOOCHES!