zondag, april 29, 2007

postcards ATC,s and TAST

These brithday cards are from Kim (the daisy) Terri (the circles) and the last one is from Elaine
I love them all so much thank you ladies

The ATC,s are from Ati that is the one above the one whit the tree comes from Muriel
and the last one comes from Fabienne
Thank you al I love them

And then my TAST for this week the running stitch ,I am working with the pregnant women here I added some machine embriodery to

5 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Het ziet er weer geweldig uit Emmy. Ik vind het knap dat je iedere keer weer een nieuw uitgangspunt vind voor het borduren.Het is wel een uitdaging.


Wonderful stiches - it seems so lively (it´s often so difficult to find the right words in English).

Barbara zei

my colours- I often wear green clothes!!

Sarah zei

georgeous Emmy! I love your stitching!

Dianne zei

Lovely birthday cards!! Your running stitch piece is gorgeous - love the design and the colours.