zondag, mei 06, 2007

Mail and more Mail

These lovely ATC,s are from France and one is from Doreen that is the one with the belt the next one is from Annieand from Anne Prunet.
the last row starting left the one with the lovely batic is from Chantal the middle one is from Claudyne and the last one from Denise thank you for the wonderful ATC,s

The brithday card is from Angela a lovely colorful card

And a lovely beaded broch i hade to wait for it but it got to me theis week its from Denise
thanks for the lovely mail ladies

1 opmerking:

Denise zei

i am so glad that you like your brooch! and that you waited so patiently for me! I would love to swap again with you but this time I would have something ready! I'll let you know!!
Cheers, Denise