zondag, mei 06, 2007

TAST and quilt in progres

For TAST woven spiders wheel and the whipped spiders wheel

and i am stil working on the quilt I started on the workshop with Dijanne Cevaal
I am adding many hand stitches so it wil take a sometime before it is finished

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Beate Knappe zei

this looks interesting.
And thank you for visiting my Blog

gunnelsvensson zei

very good stitching. These stitch I always want to learn me, but I have had so much other to do so I am long behind in the TAST, but I think I will di these stitch!

I have tagged you -read my blog!

Anoniem zei

Great work, the quilt, and the stitches looks impressive! It seems you had a great time with Dijanne! And the TAST sampler is so beautiful, I love the white shadow!

Doreen G zei

Love your woven and whipped spiders wheels.I haven't done mine yet.

Alis Clair zei

Both pieces are lovely. The quilt will be worth the work.
Hugs, Alis

Dianne zei

Both pieces are wonderful!!! The quilt looks so interesting....