zondag, juli 29, 2007


It is finished and i think it is turned out very nice
I wil make a wallhanging of it .
I have many things in the drawers and never see it again and now i want to do something with this
but howe to make a wallhanging do I frame it ?
On Liz Plummer here blog there was a very nice way to make a wall hanging she put it on a piece of foam
it is a nice tutorial
so this wil help me on the way .
I want to thank you all for the very nice comment
I made this for the class that is on joggles given by Sharon b next week the lesson is going on then we have to make a new design for a piece with colors
so back to the drawing bord for a new design

19 opmerkingen:

Donna zei

what would it be like to use this design again, but do it in colour? Just a thought ... :-)

Terri Stegmiller zei

I like Quilt Pixie's idea. It would be fun to have them side by side.

Purple Missus zei

Emmy this is wonderful. Even though it is not in your usual colours you have still managed to make it look superb.

Tijm zei

O wat is het mooi geworden! Wat fijn dat we het proces ook zo hebben kunnen volgen, boeiend!

Shirley Goodwin zei

This looks terrific, Emmy!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese zei

Thsi is wonderful work, in such suble colours. Liz has a clever way of hanging work. I hope it works for you too. Best Wishes

Susan Lenz zei

Your work looks great. I hope you enjoy it on your wall as much as I have while watching it progress.

AnneJeu zei

Ik sluit me helemaal bij Tijm aan.

Elisabeth zei

Very nice!! A wonderful work! Best wishes!

sharonb zei

This is lovely - its very scrumptous - I want to touch it

heidi zei

Dit is een subtiel monogrom kunstwerkje.
Heel fraai.

Unknown zei

Het ziet er geweldig uit Emmy, toch nog heel anders als ik had gedacht!!!! Verrassend.

Micki zei

It is lovely, Emmy. You have done some wonderful stitching on this.

Birgit Friese zei

What a wonderfully work, fantastic!

Alis Clair zei

Just gorgeous Emmy.

Susan D zei

Wow I love it.

Carol zei

This is really beautiful, well done Emmy, so delicate and such a range of neutrals.

Dianne zei

Emmy it's beautiful -it will have the "WOW" factor hanging on the wall!!!

Sheila zei

that will make a great wall hanging. What are the dimensions?