donderdag, juli 26, 2007


I started to ad the stitches and I also added some sheep wool to create dept in the piece .

I added the wool with the embellisher it worked very good .

there is much more stitching to be done so back to the beads and yarn ...

11 opmerkingen:

Carol zei

I am realy enjoying seeingthis piece develop, lovely work as ever Emmy. The neutrals are just fab.

Donna zei

I love the little tube beads you've added. The whole thing is feeling very "beach like" to me right now :-)

Dianne zei

Looking good Emmy!! I agree with quilt pixie, it's reminding me of the beach....

Lin Moon zei

Wow, your piece already has so much texture - I'm sure this is going to be fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Alis Clair zei

It's great watching this piece come to life.

Micki zei

Great piece. I love all of the texture you are creating on this.

Susan Lenz zei

I very much like who you've added the touch of wool with the embellisher. You've got the perfect touch...not too little and not too much. Looking at your work is inspiring.

Peggy zei

I love the texture and I love the colour too.

Unknown zei

Het ziet er gewldig uit Emmy, in mijn ogen is het al bijna af?

Barbara B. zei

It's a lovly work. I like your stitching, fantastic!


A great development - very good.