woensdag, januari 09, 2008

50.000 visiters

Yes ,,,,,,,,there it is the 50.000 visiter,,,,, wel I wil give presents ,,,,,,,,,,,, If you comment on this post I wil draw 3 persones and I wil make a present for them...... I cant say what it wil be it is a surprice????????

I want to thank you all for visiting my blog and please leave a comment I realy love a comment

and lets go to 100.000

I love bloging

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Natalia zei

Ich lese Ihr Blog schon seit einigen Monaten. Sie machen wunderschöne Sachen!!! Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg und Freude an der Arbeit und 100 000 Besucher schon in diesem Jahr ;)

Kathy Raker zei

Congratulations for the 50,000 visiter. 100,00 will probably be here quickly. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
Kathy R.

Momo zei

Congratulations!! I read your blog too an I love the things you make. And now, when there is something to win, it is a double-pleasure to leave a comment ;-)


Muriel zei

Felicitations Emmy, c'est largement mérité! J'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais, c'est beau et trés personnel et c'est donc un plaisir de pouvoir lire ton blog.
Congratulations Emmy, I'm not surprised by '50000 visitors', it's worth . I love a lot your artwork, it's beautiful and priceless, thanks to give us the chance to read your blog!

Vicki W zei

Congratulations on the visitor milestone. I'm not surprised that you have that many visitors, you have an excellent blog that I always enjoy reading.

Anoniem zei

Joepie Emmy, ik wil echt wel in aanmerking komen voor die surprice, dus, ik reageer meteen!!!!! Gefeliciteerd!!!!
Kijk elke dag natuurlijk even. Ik ben een van de gelukkigen, die jouw werk regelmatig ook in het echt mag zien. Er komt weer veel moois aan heb ik al wel gezien....
Ga vooral door met regelmatig bloggen. Groetjes, Willy.

Karrin Hurd zei

Congratulations on the 50,000 visits. I enjoy your blog!

Micki zei

50,000. What a milestone. I love to visit and see what you are up to.

Purple Missus zei

I always read your blog Emmy as I think your work is wonderful - I just don't get around to commenting much anymore. But how could I resist not commenting today when there is a chance of a piece of your work :)

Sequana zei

I've been reading this blog for ages now and never been disappointed. *S* Congrats on all the visitors.

Anoniem zei

I love to look at your blog and see what you are up to. 50,000....WOW !!!

Jacqui zei

wow 50,000! I have just looked at my stats, I have a miserable 4500, I really must make my mind more entertaining - any tips?

I have come to your site via TIF (I actually sat and added all bloggers to my feed - sad eh>) and from looking at your flicker page, I can see I am in for some treats this year.

Guzzisue zei

wow, 50,000 visits, I've always enjoyed reading your blog.

Susan D zei

50,000 visits WOW congratulations.

Tijm zei

Ik had je vanochtend al gefeliciteerd met het feit dat het magische getal bijna gehaald is, maar nu is het dus toch een feit!!
Geweldige en dat er nog een groter getal gaat komen!

Anoniem zei

Congratulations. I am not surprised. I love your blog. And your work is awesome.

Rosi zei

I love to look at your blog, it is so inspiring. I read it regularly.


Ann Christine Dennison zei

Congratulations Emmy!!!
Well Done :-)

Laurence zei

Congratulations. Your blog is fantastic.

Angelika Westermann zei

Whow, 50000 visitors! That is something to crow about.
I always admire bloggers who are as productive as you are, somehow I always find myself with huge gaps between my postings...
Keep up the nice work!

Amy Munson zei

You have a wonderful creative blog and I enjoy visiting often.

Carol zei

Emmy I have also given you the You make my day award hope you don't mind! I am also working on your mandala page and i am using your style and other people I respect and admire for it. Hope you'll like it.

Julita zei

Congratulations! Be our inspiration for next 50,000 views and many, many more :)

Unknown zei

50,000 well done you!! You must have so many visitors as your work is so fantastic and we wait to see what you come up with next ! I'd love a piece of your work so hope to be in your draw.

Unknown zei

AHA, dat bedoelde je!! Ik vroeg me al af wat het was. Gefeliciteerd!!! Je hebt het verdient!

gunnelsvensson zei

Congratulations Emmy! I always love to read your blog! I think you soon have 100 000 visitors :-)

arlee zei

I'm not surprised at all Sweetie :} I knew when i "met" you that you would go far and become famous for your beautiful beautiful art.

Dianne zei

Oh Emmy, your art is so wonderful and I love visiting your blog!!!

Jane zei

Waving at you from afar! Congrats on your HUGE milesone! Who would ever think that the web could make all our worlds mesh with oneness and creativity? Its been a treat getting to know you and your work through your blog! Please keep it up...

Doreen G zei

50,000 visitors WOW emmy that is incredible--congratulstions.

Kim zei

First 50,000...
then 100,000...
the sky's the limit!
Have fun.

Stitchety Grub zei

Goodness 31 more to add already ... congrats ... I luv visiting your blog most days ...well done
Britt :-)

quiltkunstquilt zei

Congratulations, Emmy!
I like your blog very much!
I give you the "Make my day award".

Barbara zei

Congratulations Emmy. Your work is always beautiful and such an inspiration. I enjoy visiting your blog.

Barbara zei

Its always a pleasure to visit your blog!
Greetings Barbara

evanyberg zei

Hi Emmy,

Digitalgran zei

Congratualtion Emmy! I enjoy your blog very much and will watch to 100,000. There's no need to send me a present as I had one from you today. That page is so beautiful. I am blogging about it tonight.

hippopip zei

Congratulations, always an enjoyable read best wishes for 2008

StilinStudio zei

Congratulations on reaching 50000!! You are so talented that I'm sure you will make it to 100000 soon, since everyone loves looking at your work. I call it "eye candy"!! :-) Thanks for sharing......and thanks for all the inspiration you provide!!

molly jean zei

Great job at having posts that people want to see and read and come back to! I look forward to the creative things you will continue to do! I send my warmest regards!

Corryna zei

Congratulations, gefeliciteerd!

That's a lot: 50.000

I hope my blog will have that many visitors some day :-)


Julie zei

Congratulations on your milepost blog Emmy! Your work is an inspiration! Here's to 50000 more visits!

Anoniem zei


I found you via your kind comment on my gallery today. Your work is gorgeous and you live in my favourite part of the world - Holland.

I will bookmark your blog so that I may visit it often and enjoy your words and your art.


Anoniem zei

hoi Emmy
van harte gefeliciteerd
et une plu vistites a vous site