vrijdag, januari 18, 2008

Fish ?????

I did not plan this but it looks like a fish ,,don,t you think?
I am not sure if I wil add some thing more it hase to swimm around a bit before I know if it is finished
I love the colors that is oke ,,wel I wil see ,,
someting I like to let you see all my pictures on flickr so lovely

15 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Emmy...I saw the fish right away! This is a beautiful piece. So very creative.

Barbara zei

your creativity is gorgeous...wonderful fish....great!

Corryna zei

Wow, this is a great piece of work! I love it that you can see a fish in it. The colours are just right.

I want to thank you for your beautiful present. I published it on my weblog. I really love it!!

I would like to add your blog to my list of links. Is that OK with you?


Debra Dixon zei

A happy accident! Great looking fish!


Planed or not not planed - the result is wonderful!

Sequana zei

It even has an eye right where it should be. I can't believe you didn't plan it.

If I'd done something like that, I'd probably have totally missed it. *L*

arlee zei

I think sometimes we surprise ourselves and that's what keeps us excited about what we do---he looks very happy in your creation :}

beadbabe49 zei

wonderful texture on your fish...I like it a lot...

Threadspider zei

It's a beautiful fish-I love the detailed stitching too.

Micki zei

Wow, this is way cool. Love the fish.

Kim zei

Lovely abstract fish. The gallery application is nicely done.

Muriel zei

Of course, it's a fish, wonderful fish!!

Digitalgran zei

I knew it was a fish straight away Emmy. I love finding images in everything. This one is perfect.

Mary lin Huskamp zei

Oh my gosh! Emmy this fish is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE it! Sorry I missed it when it first was up - I have been ill. WOW, You are one TALENTED GAL!!

Dianne zei

OH, it does look like a fish. It could belong in our Australian Barrier Reef!!!