maandag, februari 14, 2011

little by little

working on the snowmen quilt this weekend
weaving and basting and this is the result
the quilt is 115 - 120 cm  and the intention is not to hang  it
but to use it as a warm quilt , snowmen to keep you warm ,

5 opmerkingen:

Hennie zei

Je sneeuwpoppen staan er erg mooi bij ! ! !
Groetjes Hennie.

Anoniem zei

prachtig emmy ...sneeupoppen met karakter!

Anoniem zei

sneeuwpoppen , zag het te laat:)

Schoonbeek zei

Even though it will be spring and summer, it would look great and serve right in our tipi; (she said, ashamed but still lustfull for another beautifull mother-quilt for the cold children and the allaroundtipi atmosphere)


Willy zei

Wat kan jij toveren Emmy. Ik geloof mijn ogen niet, zo mooi!!!!