zaterdag, februari 19, 2011


Saturday and not 1 klosje done this week ,,,
The Labyrinth needed attention

making the edge of the forest quilt
totally different than my first idea
I do that very often
Idea,s come and go

 there is the snowmen quilt
the same here the idea came in a flash
maybe next week on saturdayI have some klosjes done

Have a nice day
enjoy the weekend

oant sjen

5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

je labyrint ziet er heel erg interessant uit Emmy, gelukkig is het bijna tijd voor de BIG reveal! (Wat me eraan herinnert dat ik nog een tunnel moet naaien...)

Jensters zei

Wonderful work the cloth.

deanna7trees zei

love those edges on the forest quilt.

Blue bird zei

Hello Emmy! I found your blog and I think is incredible beautiful artworks are posted. I am an artist, live in America.
My main blog URL:
I follow you already.
If you interested to see my blog you will know something about me. but E-mail is
google mail is not used.
Love to hear from you. On the Internet I am not using my real name. They call me Julia and nickname Blue Bird :)

Exchange server 2010 zei

Loved your work! Keep it up!