dinsdag, september 11, 2012

In my Garden

in a land of fantasy so beautiful and free
where everthing was magical as lovely as can be
there was a purple hedgehog as friendly as can be
he lived in the woods underneath a tree
there were little ladybirds having lots of fun
dancing there so happily underneath the sun
the stars were made of diamonds twinkling in the night
underneath the moon shining oh so bright
the grass was just like velvet so beautiful to see
everything was peaceful so beautiful and free
in this land of fantasy is where i long to be.

3 opmerkingen:

Yvette zei

ze zijn verdwenen bij mij, maar dat was ook eigenlijk de bedoeling. Eerst beter worden met kattenvoer en dan de vrijheid in. Maar ik mis ze..........

Thuis Thuis zei

Wat een schatje!
Lieve groetjes, Annette

Peggy zei

Emmy, I love this photo! A real live hedgehog. We don't have them here so I've only seen toy hedgehogs. xx