zondag, september 09, 2012

Vote for woman

As early as the 1600’s
Many women had a great dream
They wanted to vote in an election one day
Most men didn’t think it was right
They believed women should stay at home
But the women didn’t agree
They wanted the same rights as men
All over the globe this was happening
But the men never changed their minds
They made petitions and protested all day
Finally in 1920
The women of the United States
Gained the right to vote
Finally they got what they wanted
Slowly women all over the world gained the right to vote
By the end of World War two
Almost all women in the world
Had the ability to vote 

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Jeann of Melton zei

Australian women were also agitating for the right to vote. South Australian women gained the right to vote in 1895, West Australia in 1899, New South Wales in 1902, Tasmania in 1903, Queensland in 1905 and Victoria in 1908. Not bad for such a young country.