zondag, februari 24, 2008

Mother Earth and a little box

Mother yes that is the theme I am working on.
This is just a little try out it is not what it is going to be, that is still a surprice

The first picture is a little box I made from one of the cirkles
I wanted a box with a zipper but this was not a good idea I let the zipper were it was and made a also a lid this is much better for the next box I know howe to do it

10 opmerkingen:

Laurence zei

Your box is a very good idea. It's very nice.

Corryna zei

Yes, what a super idea! I like your box very well. Think I will try to make one myself :-). You've inspired me again :-).


La Bastidane (Nathalie Locquen) zei

Wahouuuuhhh wondeful, very nice .... I can ???

J'aime beaucoup Emmy.

Alis Clair zei

Beautiful pieces Emmy.
I love the little box.

Sue Bleiweiss zei

love that box!


What a beautiful idea!

Anoniem zei

The green box has me wowed! I love the theme and the colors you are working with!

Kim zei

Lovely box Emmy - neat idea.

Digitalgran zei

I love your circle boxes Emmy.

Cathie zei

Emmy what a lovely little box -- I'll be it houses something precious. I particularly love the top - the ineresting edge that goes around it. Really cool.