donderdag, februari 14, 2008

new blog and other things

a new blog I think you must see,,, Laura of trapsuutje is blogging she hase wonderful paint and always so much new ideas .

I dont have photo,s this time there are some things I can not show you, later when all is finished ,
Arlee hase started a challenge,,, Exquisite Corpse ,,,and I am in it. I could not resist it it looks so much fun to do and it is ,,,,,

The Dutch Bag Ladies ,,,one of us makes a bag with goodies and we all make a quilt of the goodies , it is so surprising to see the results
we meet once in the 3 months

and my lovely friends Sandra and Willy we meet very often and we have also some challenge ,s now and then
this time it was Sandra,s turn to give us the challenge and she did ............ still thinking on it ...

I am also working on the TAST fabrick book, Susan invited me for the Cyber Fiber chalenge so it must be done on time .

And this weekend Sue b asked me to write an article for Fiber and stitch ,,,,,,,,yes i am going to be so famous ,,,,ha ha ha
next time I wil have pictures .......

3 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Hi Emmy, thanks for all these interesting blog links, I still have to check out some of them.

In the meantime, I have posted a little game on my blog for my blogfriends, come and play with me, you can win a cute little kitschy Paris Souvenir:)
Love and have a great day

Anoniem zei

Emmy, gefeliciteerd. Jij een artikel in fiber and stitch! Wat geweldig zeg. Ik vind het terecht, je verdient zoiets. Je maakt zoveel mooie dingen waarmee je veel mensen inspireert. Willy.

Unknown zei

Hoi Emmy, Wat leuk dat we samen in deze tentoonstelling zitten!!!! Gefeliciteerd met je (beide) uitnodigingen!