maandag, februari 25, 2008

Miss Doodle

I got this lovely gift today it is from Andrea,, a wonderful little heart from Paris, there lives Andrea .
and I got Miss Doole she is so very adoreble
Let me tel you about Miss Doodle
Miss Doodle lives in Paris, France, has a huge wardrobe and changes clothes often. Otherwise she is a very thoughtful person. Miss Doodle was born on January 31st in the metro in Paris and belongs to the "Stickpeople". She is easy going, romantic and very busy. For her, every day is an adventure. She keeps one feet on the ground and the other one in the clouds.
you can read al about Miss Doodle on here blog,

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Emmy, thanks so much for introducing Miss Doodle. I went to her site and have fallen in love! She is delightful.
I also love the little box that you made.

Sue Bleiweiss zei

lucky you to have a miss doodle drawing! I'm so jealous!